Avalanche engineering

Ornon Pass against avalanches

The road RD526, between Entraigues and Ornon, takes the Ornon Pass which is exposed to avalanche hazard on consequent linear. Avalanches have reached the road several times in the previous winters. The Isère Department would like to secure in a more controlled/perennial way the avalanches paths concerned to protect road users and limit road closures.

Work provided by Engineerisk:
  • - Refined numerical modeling to characterize flows specificities
  • - Priority definition according to the occurrence and level of danger of each avalanche path to minimize the risk along the RD526
  • - Proposal of several protections: preventive release, special avalanche radar for roads, dam… with the drawbacks and advantages of each to choose the most appropriate solution
  • - Exchanges with the Department to finally create an Avalanche Plan to Release Avalanches for the RD 526
  • - Heli-bombing plan realization: administrative and cartographic parts

Case study