Avalanche engineering

Protection and dimensioning of ski lifts

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For ski lift projects (new or replacement), the role of Engineerisk is to verify the feasibility and provide the necessary prescriptions to ensure the sustainability of the infrastructure with regard to snow and avalanche risks:

- by optimizing the location and / or self-reinforcing the pylons at the right level
- or by proposing additional specific protections especially for stations (design and reinforcement, active protections such as snow-nets or snow-bridges, deflective dam ...).
These studies and analysis will:
- Quantify the risks of avalanche and snow-gliding intensity along the line via an approach combining expertise and modeling
- Optimize the line (towers locations) in collaboration with the contractor and manufacturer
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- Provide all the necessary data and parameters for civil engineering sizing: pressures, heights of applications, angles, combinations of actions per return period within national Standards like Eurocodes…
- Provide the necessary reports within the administrative and regulatory procedures
- Prescribe and define, where necessary, the additional protections and Avalanche Control Plan adaptations
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