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Avalanche Control Plan


The Avalanche Control Plan (PIDA in France) governs the rules of intervention, safety ... during the operations of preventive artificial release of avalanches. This plan shall include a written part and a cartographic part. Under the responsibility of the local authorities, it applies to ski areas as well as to road accesses or open-pit mines that are subjected to this phenomenon.
Engineerisk is able to carry out, update and even audit Avalanche Control Plans.


The written part:
- is refined with the relevant stakeholders on the basis of a proven efficient format
- defines organizational charts with the roles of each
- Sums-up the different instructions: shooting and security
- is adapted to the type(s) of triggering means used: heli-bombing, hand charges, classic fuse / electric / nonel, Bomb tram / Gazex® / O'Bell'x®
Engineerisk can also propose a photographic atlas with a precise description of each mission for better perception of each point by the operators.
The cartographic part represents:
- Maximum extension of known avalanches
- Prohibited areas
- Locations of firing points, lookouts…
- Routes of the operating teams

The Avalanche Control Plans are carried out in accordance within the current management framework of each operator (ski area, mine or road) and integrate all the mandatory administrative parts (by-laws, circulars….

Fanny Bourjaillat - Engineerisk holds the French CPT Shooter's Certificate since 2014.

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