Avalanche engineering

Pyrennees and its famous ‘’Z’’ avalanche path

After exceptional avalanche conditions, a down station and pylons were destroyed by an unexpected avalanche

Work provided by Engineerisk:
  • - On site observations, directly following the accident and a detailed statistical study of meteorological data for a better understanding of the exceptional nature of the event.
  • - Complete analysis of the concerned zone, with delineation of the different supply basins, and back-analysis of the different avalanche flows to better understand how it behaves during exceptional conditions.
  • - Definition of a new protection scheme (preventive release only) and decision support tools (radar, snowpack monitoring…)
  • - Support of the different stakeholders by integrating a better interaction between avalanche risks and/or sizing (architectural prescription for stations or pylons).
Pyrenees Couloir Z

Pyrenees Couloir Z