Avalanche engineering

Kazakhstan: Kok Zhailau ski resort development

On the pristine site of Kok Zhailau, about 10 kilometers from Almaty, there is a large project to create any part of a ski resort with a large urbanized area and construction of dozens of chairlifts.

Work provided by Engineerisk:
  • - Avalanche hazard mapping, by covering an area of 400 km² in order to select the site with the least risk
  • - Field survey, gathering bibliographic information and analysis of existing documents in cooperation with the Almaty Geographic Institute
  • - Quantitative risk assessment using snow avalanche numerical modeling
  • - Optimization of infrastructure locations (Chairlifts, Buildings, Snowmaking Lake…) in collaboration with the whole technic international team
  • - Pylons, station… sizing
  • - Protection scheme for inhabited areas
L15 Pressure On Pylons Kazakhstan Engk

L15 Pressure On Pylons Kazakhstan Engk

Modelisation Russie

Modelisation Russie