Avalanche engineering

State of art and partnerships


With a reduced number of actors around engineering and avalanche protection, it is important to constantly evaluate our practices in front of the latest knowledge and tools. The exchange with counterparts can also help to find the best answers to some open questions.

slf engineeriskFor this, Engineerisk has special relations with the teams of the SLF center in Davos and in particular its protection specialists with whom we have already cooperate directly abroad (Russia, Chile, Georgia). Their internationally recognized expertise allows us to calibrate our practices against the best requirements.

In parallel, Engineerisk regularly exchanges with the RAMMS software development team for example on some evolutions related to the impact of avalanches. This relationship also makes it possible to preview the future '' extended '' module around aerosol avalanches.

Finally, Engineerisk has regular discussions with its counterparts either at international conferences (ISSW, SNOW engineering, ...) or in the framework of exchanges between alpine consulting offices.

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