Avalanche engineering

Tailormade solutions


Some existing stakes require protections but in a context (administratively, geometrically or financially) that does not allow to deploy usual solutions.

For example, the impossibility of equipping certain slopes with standard active protection (racks, supporting structures, etc.) because of alpine pasture, the lack of a suitable space for the erection of a deflecting dam…

Within these conditions, the objective is at least to optimize a minimum protection combined with the acceptance of some residual risk or even a certain level of tolerable damage.

Engineerisk then intervenes for:

- listing the possible solutions in relation to the context and ideally with theoretical options.
- Define the inherent residual risks to add the necessary accompanying measures
- Assist the Client in choosing the right intermediate scenario
- Monitor the implementation of the chosen solution and evaluate its performance for possible adaptation.

These cases are often demanding as outside the admitted application range of solutions that can be usually deployed. A strong partnership with the contracting authority is therefore necessary to choose the good compromise together.

Etude de cas

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